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Anyone who's needed JavaScript validation for his or her forms knows how easy it is to use ColdFusion's CFFORM tag. It's a quick and easy way to ensure that the form is filled out properly. However, CFFORM can be as limited as it is useful (see Figure 1). Several types of validation that aren't available are: Making a single-select box required Making checkboxes and radio buttons required Limiting the number of checkboxes or multiselect options selected Restricting dates entered to a certain range. Many developers scrap CFFORM altogether and just use the HTML FORM tag in conjunction with their own JavaScript validation. Rarely do you hear about multiple customized validation scripts being used with the CFFORM tag. It's possible to use both - good news for anyone who already uses CFFORM and wants to add on to it or for those who're tired of writing JavaScript to en... (more)

CFX-Advanced VPS Hosting from CFXHosting

There comes a time in the life of almost every developer when he or she needs to host a Web site. Unfortunately, not all of us can have a T1 running to our basement with a dual-processor Pentium 4 running our site. No, we developers - and businesses - must look elsewhere for help. Unless you have a lot of money, that typically means you'll be part of a shared hosting environment. In a traditional shared hosting environment, your Web site will be one of perhaps hundreds running on the same server. You won't get access to the ColdFusion Administrator and don't even think about playi... (more)

Code Co-op Version Control Software from Reliable Software

Question: Who needs version control? Answer: Every developer. Most people think of versioning control software as something that should be left to big companies and large teams. However, version control is a good idea for everyone. Even if you are working on an application by yourself, it is too easy to lose important changes forever, because you accidentally saved over a document. Not to mention how nice it would be to go back to see an earlier version of a file. Besides, how many files can you have in your directory that end in "_backup.cfm" or ".old"? There are several major... (more)

CFDJ Feature — ColdFusion Structures

Way back when ColdFusion 4.5 was released, the concept of structures (associative arrays to some of you) was introduced. Never one to be receptive to change - not to mention having no background in other programming languages - I shunned structures for the most part and kept on my merry way working with arrays and lists. Over the years, however, I have come to appreciate the simplicity and functionality of structures and embrace them as my favorite ColdFusion data type. If you haven't worked with other languages such as the various flavors of C or Java, the concept of what struc... (more)

NQcontent V2 from NetQuest

Every day it seems as if another content management system (CMS) is popping up on the horizon, many of them built using ColdFusion. Typically, these CMSs contain the same type of functionality. They: Allow users who don't know HTML to add and edit content easily Display content using a template system and integrated style sheets Create user accounts and assign security permissions allowing certain users to perform only certain tasks Allow content to be indexed and subsequently searched by the user Modify system settings that control certain functionality of the site Perform workfl... (more)